Emerging Web Hosts

The number of websites that are online has grown exponentially in recent years with the majority of the content currently online having been posted within the past two or three years. The hardware that is used to host websites has become less expensive as well, as the number of servers that are being manufactured has increased and made prices more competitive.

The rapid growth in the internet and the demand for websites that has occurred in recent years has seen the emergence of a raft of new web hosts offering to put websites online for only a few dollars per month. Many of these deals offer a huge list of features and come with all of the scripts and software that needed to create and run a website. Generally there isn’t much to differentiate between the services that they are offering. The well established web hosts like Fat Cow and Host Gator have set an industry benchmark for service and reliability that is hard to match but the competitive prices being offered make it worthwhile to see how newcomers to the industry stack up against the established providers.

The first major difference in most of these web hosts is that they generally only offer a basic web hosting package without any reseller or VPS services. This means that a lot of web design and internet marketing companies will continue to take their business to the established web hosts like Host Gator or Blue Host where they can buy those facilities. Even so, the emerging web hosts are offering fully featured web hosting packages that can generally be tailored to create almost any sort of online application that small or midsized businesses as well as individual hobby bloggers will want the most. This makes it possible to create a website for your business for as little as a few dollars per month that comes complete with SSL pages and shopping cart software using a number of web hosts. The only thing to separate most of them is the service and reliability that they provide.

Among the newer web hosts at the moment iPage web hosting, which is offering a vast amount of features with its $3.50 per month package. Their deal comes with all of the standard features like a free domain plus a lot of online marketing credit for the search engines as well as for Facebook. Designing your site is simple and uses vDeck as the control panel, allowing many scripts to be installed with a single click. There is also a free online store as well as a toll-free number included as standard in the web hosting package.

In Motion Hosting is offering a more comprehensive web hosting service that gives users the option of virtual private server (VPS) or dedicated server packages alongside their standard basic web hosting deal. In Motion’s main attraction is that it has a 99.9% uptime record which is attractive to corporate web users who can’t afford for their websites to be offline at all. In Motion also uses the familiar cPanel dashboard to manage its accounts allowing users to quickly create their own websites or to install scripts like WordPress very easily. The focus at In Motion Hosting is on business sites and their packages come with shared SSL and a variety of shopping cart scripts to make setting up an online retail site a simple process.

JustHost is a newer company and only offers its users a single plan. While it is at the cheaper end of the scale, Just Host still offers a complete range of features to give users everything that they need to set up their website. Just Host also offers all of the usual deals like a free domain name and search engine advertising included as a part of the set up of your new website. According to JusthostReview.com, one area where JustHost has been found wanting is in their customer service which hasn’t been able to match its more established competitors, but as their business grows this is sure to improve.

One of the most successful web hosts to emerge in the past decade has been Lunar Pages which offers a comprehensive variety of packages from a basic web hosting plan for individuals and small businesses to dedicated server plans for larger corporations. Targeting business users their basic plan comes with three domain name registrations and unlimited auto responder and e-mail accounts. One step up from many of the basic web hosting services, Lunar Pages also offers VPS services that can be an intermediate answer to a company’s growing internet needs without the requirement to invest in expensive hardware.

Probably the cheapest deal online at the moment is available from Webhostingpad which is offering a basic internet package from just $1.99 per month over a four or five year contract. For this you get unlimited domain hosting as well as a free domain name and they guarantee 99.9% uptime for your site. Webhostingpad uses cPanel and so it is easy to create a WordPress or Joomla website for yourself, but to use an SSL page or their advanced web stats it is necessary to upgrade to a more expensive plan. For hobby bloggers this web host could offer everything that they need to be online for less than $25 per year.

One of the technologies where new web hosts may have the edge is in providing cloud based web services and IX Web Hosting has affordable packages that make the cloud available to everyone at a reasonable price. While they are offering basic web hosting plans as well as VPS hosting it is their cloud services that set them apart from their competitors at the moment. From $99 per month for a basic plan it is possible to take advantage of the flexibility and improved performance that cloud hosting offers to businesses.

It remains to be seen whether these newer web hosts will have what it takes to provide a reliable service and stay competitive with the big players in the industry like the renowned coupon code providers HostGator and BlueHost. While these new services are all very cheap the reason is most likely that they don’t offer the same comprehensive customer support that the more established web hosts provide. Using one of the many BlueHost coupon promotions can cut the cost of using the more established service provider to equal or less than that being offered by the emerging services with the added advantage of being with a web host that is well known for its reliability and service.

A number of the emerging web hosts have taken the fun angle to try and appeal to the hobby bloggers and smaller businesses in much the same way as Fat Cow has done for over a decade. It remains to be seen whether they can match the serious side of the service which, by reading Fat Cow reviews, can be considered to be among the best three web hosts online at the moment. Even though these offers from the new arrivals may look good on the surface they still might not stack up against the service that is being offered by the long established web hosts that they are trying to compete with.

Before you decide on which web host you want to go with it is worth comparing their services to see if the deals that they are offering are right for you and your website. If you intend to expand your web presence into the future then it may be better to go with a web host that has the capability of expanding their service to you. While the emerging web hosts may be cheap and offer some of the service that you need it is still much better to use the service that will suit your needs now as well as later on when your requirements have changed or new technologies have been introduced. If you think that your business will want to move into the cloud at some time in the future then it will only create an inconvenience for yourself to choose a web host that is offering a limited service now just because they are cheap.

Even so, many of these emerging web hosts will continue to grow as they accumulate more users and develop their hardware infrastructures and so they may be able to handle any expansion of your needs in the future. For those that are willing to take that risk the lower prices being offered right now from a wide range of web hosts could be a way to get a website online for as small an outlay as possible. The one thing that is certain is that the industry is going to continue to expand, at least for the foreseeable future, and while the technology is going to keep on evolving the deals are going to continue to get better to keep pace with it. This alone makes it worth looking at as many web hosting offers as possible before deciding on which one is right for you.